Writing Assignment Psychology of the Coronavirus Before beginning your paper on

Writing Assignment Psychologyof theCoronavirus Before beginning your paper on the psychology of COVID-19 please read this carefully.Using the skills tools concepts and vocabulary you have gained from our class write a paper on the psychology of COVID-19. You may focus on any aspect that feels meaningful and interesting to you. Chose one or two of the topics below for your paper. the various mental health implications the economic implications suicide addiction families living in tight quarters and complicated family dynamics the college experience and what this means now and later ageism and the treatment of the elderly expecting a baby at this moment in history relationships andintimacynow (people away from boyfriends and girlfriends the toll on marriages etc) unemployment self-harm the trappings ofdomestic violenceand incest and assault amidst quarantine health care effects on friendships technology Your writing assignment must include the following: APA Style format/writing 4 Pages: Page 1-cover page Page 2 & 3-content Page 4-Refrences Minimum of 1 reference

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