Georgetown University Professor of Linguistics, Deborah Tannen, has been a leadi

Georgetown University Professor of Linguistics, Deborah Tannen, has been a leading researcher and author on the issue of gender and communication. In this second discussion forum for the week, you will learn more about this fascinating theory and distinguish between styles of communication exhibited by males and females.Watch the video, Genderlect Theory by Deborah Tannen (Links to an external site.). In addition, read Genderlect (Links to an external site.) from Changing Minds and chapters from The Interpersonal Communication Book that might be beneficial.Initial Post: Prepare a 300-word minimum reply that sufficiently addresses each of the items below. Don’t forget that it is critical to cite your sources of information, including the textbook, using APA formatting.1) Describe the concept of “Genderlect” and describe the impact of gender on communication.2)Provide examples of various communication methods (e.g., verbal, non-verbal, message types, etc.) that are evident in the video clip, and describe how they differ between males and females.3)What are some effective ways of communicating when differences in conversational patterns are present?Required material:Multimedia1. Rstafffordjr. (2012, April 26). Genderlect theory by Deborah Tannen [Video file]. Retrieved from. This 4:42 minute YouTube video clip briefly describes Linguistics professor Deborah Tannen’s Genderlect theory and examples of its application. This video will be used to support your discussion for this week.2.Changing Minds. (n.d.). Genderlect (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from…This webpage provides a brief overview of Deborah Tannen’s concept of Genderlect, to be used in Discussion 2 for this week.
Requirements: 300

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