Question:What was life like for men and women in the 17th century (use historica

Question:What was life like for men and women in the 17th century (use historical information and details to describe the period)? How have gender roles changed today?Pick one or two of the articles below.You may also bring up some knowledge of the 20 century, but you still need to write about a current event (last ten years or so).Some concepts to think about:The role in
Slavery (from different parts of the textbook, but it is okay as long as you focus on the 17th century)
“Thinkers” in the Enlightenment
Or anything I missed.
Material:Puritan WomenActions
Women in Virginia (Links to an external site.)
Gender Roles in the English Colonies (Links to an external site.)
The Atlantic Article about Women in Jamestown (Links to an external site.)
Expectations:Recognize how colonial experiences depended on one’s gender.
Identify life in colonial America.
Compare the gender roles of men and women from the 1600s to the 21st century.
Requirements:350 words or more (the better)
Provide historical evidence/examples to support your opinionThese are from the sources I provided on this page.
DO NOT plagiarize. Please read the plagiarism rule.You will not receive any credit if you plagiarize.
Requirements: 350 words or more   |   .doc file

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