Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation to help m

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation to help me learn.Total word count for this paper is: 4900 words. Need 15 full pages paper. For an industry of their choice, students will analyze the industry based on the following items. The choice of industry must be approved by the instructor.o Internal Rivalry within the industryo Potential Entrants into the industryo Suppliers’ Market Powero Buyers’ Market Powero Substitutes and ComplementsThe format of the research paper is consultant’s report. All reference must be cited. An executive summary must be included in the paper. Selected industry:Fast food industryReasons for choice:With the current economic development, international fast food brands represented by McDonald’s and KFC are expanding rapidly. However, the fast food industry is currently more competitive, and food safety issues appear from time to time. The current development status of the fast food industry and the future development trend of the fast food industry deserve our attention.writing mindset:Based on the Porter Five Forces model, this report analyzes the competitive landscape of the fast food industry from the following aspects of the fast food industry:1. Overview of the fast food industryIncluding industry profile, development speed, industry leading companies, etc.2. Internal Rivalry within the industry3. Potential Entrants into the industry4.Suppliers’ Market Power5.Buyers’ Market Power6.Substitutes and Complements7. Key factors of competition in the fast food industry8. The future development prospects of the fast food industry
Requirements: at least 4900 words, 15 full pages.

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