Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a science discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.Discussion 1: Every year, natural disasters impact families, communities, nations, and cultures. Whether the natural disaster is a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, or earthquake, it can alter the environment and cause potential health hazards.For this module’s initial discussion post, research a major national or global disaster that occurred in the last decade. Provide a brief summary of the disaster and explain the common public health risks that occurred, as well as potential long-term health risks the victims might be facing. Do you think the type of natural disaster you studied has the highest risk of spreading diseases, or another type of natural disaster? Explain.Discussion 2 : The right-to-die is a concept stating that a patient with terminal illness should have the choice to voluntarily end his or her life. Some see this as a humane way to die with dignity, while others condemn this idea.Patients in the entire United States can currently choose to refuse life-saving or life-extending treatments through an advanced directive, but only a handful of states allow physician-assisted suicide. Each of these states have enacted slightly different laws, but most allow physicians to prescribe a lethal medication that a patient self-administers. Address the following questions in your post.In your opinion, should competent adults have the right to choose physician-assisted suicide?
Should physician-assisted suicide be legal in every state?
How should we define the term “terminal illness?”
Is physician-assisted suicide ethically different than a patient refusing treatment?
Is it ethical to allow patients to suffer if they wish to end their life?
Make sure you answer all the question above
Sources should be in APA formatEverything should be in you’re own words pls dont use course hero or similar websites
Requirements: 2-5 paragraph for each discussion

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