Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanat

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.Critique this article http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/We-Are-Not-Created-Equal-in-Every-Way-2722221.php (There is a 12 minute video you need to watch as part of the assignment. I already watched it, it won’t let me attach it though so I will have to email it if that’s okay.)In order to properly critique a work, one must acknowledge what it is that they may agree and disagree with about the article. Acknowledging these agreements and disagreements allows one’s critique to be unbiased and trustworthy. To that end, it is vital to avoid direct address of reader (words like you and your) and “I.”Once you read Ryan’s article from the Tuesday, December 12, 2000 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, write a 3-5 page critique using what you’ve learned about critiques in class. Your critique should include–as we discussed in class-the following characteristics:Introduction that includes:The author and their “claim to fame” (what are they known for?)
The original place of publication
Original date of publication
Summary of the article
Assessment of the presentation (Ask yourself what does the author do well? Poorly? Does the author make fair statements/comparisons? Why? Why not? What was good about it? How could it be better? Does the author use fallacies?)
Agreements/disagreements (related to author’s approach to their work)
In addition to the Ryan article, I want you to incorporate at least one outside source into your paper. This source can be found online, but should not be from Wikipedia and the like. Any sources used must be cited correctly in the body of your paper and incorporated through use of paraphrasing and direct quotes using MLA format. A works cited page is required and must follow proper MLA format.
Requirements: 3-5 pages

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