The case is: “Munchiez Food Truck: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Decision Making,

The case is: “Munchiez Food Truck: Entrepreneurship, Strategic Decision Making, and Sustainability”. It is about a small business venture opened by students on the university campus.You can purchase the case through this link.Please, do not share it when you bought it. Respect the copyrights.This is an individual assignment! Any kind of similarity is considered a strict violation!The three key questions that should drive your analysis are: 1. Conduct a detailed SWOT analysis of Munchiez. Each part should have at least three well-supported points. Make your own conclusion.2. Briefly describe each of the strategies Munchiez has based on the case study:Market penetration to increase sales;
Product development to identify new menu offerings;
Market development to find additional spots on campus to increase exposure;
Strategic alliance with a local pizza shop or the school’s culinary department
Which one they should use for the next steps? Provide your explanation.3. What structural recommendations would you give to Munchiez’s management to enhance the transfer of knowledge from semester to semester? Instructions: 1. Maximum four pages for analysis plus one page for appendices (you decide if to use the appendices or not). Title, references, and academic integrity are not included on these pages.2. FONT: 12 New Times Roman, double-space between lines.3. Apply APA Rules.
Requirements: 4 pages except Refferences

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