Learning Goal: I’m working on a english report and need support to help me learn

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english report and need support to help me learn.Topic
● For this assignment, you will be writing a descriptive essay. Describe your favorite place
on the Southern Illinois University campus to spend time. If you are new to campus, you
will need to do some investigative work this week.
● Some areas to explore include the library, the student center, your main academic
building, the rec center, etc. You should plan to spend time in the chosen space to
provide a description with vivid details.
Audience and Purpose
● You must pick from the two options below.
1) Imagine that your audience is friends and family back home that are curious
about your life in the U.S. and you want them to share in your experiences as
much as possible.
2) Imagine that you are recommending the space to a new student who does not
know the campus yet.
● Your essay must be between 250 and 500 words (typically about 1-2 pages). Your essay
should focus on one SIU space with a clear purpose for your description. A good essay
will contain a catching hook, effective thesis, clear body paragraphs, transitions to guide
your reader, and a strong conclusion. A good essay will also be easy to read and
carefully edited to avoid grammar errors and unclear phrasing.
All Essays must be in the Following Format:
Times New Roman font One-Inch Margins on all sides
Size 12 font Aligned to the left
Double-spaced Your name, due date, and page numbers
must be present as well
Requirements: between 250 and 500 word

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