please follow the instruction.Background InformationThe history between Altria G

please follow the instruction.Background InformationThe history between Altria Group and Phillip Morris International is long and complicated. Both companies have repeatedly claimed a combination would create significant value for customers and shareholders. However, in September of 2019, despite an offer from Altria to purchase Phillip Morris for over $200 billion, talks between the companies failed and the potential transaction was called off. The size of this deal was certainly unusual. However, in many ways, the issues involved were fairly typical. Analyzing the opportunities and challenges of such a transaction yields valuable insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions. InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read Chapter 26 of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.
Research the proposed acquisition of Phillip Morris International by Altria Group in 2019. Seek out both industry and scholarly sources, using Off Campus Library Services (OCLS).
Prepare a paper succinctly summarizing the key issues and characteristics of this proposed deal. Your paper should include the following sections:Background: Review the history of Altria Group and Phillip Morris International.
Financial Value: Explain how the transaction may have created value for shareholders. What incentives caused the companies to consider combining? How might this cause the two companies to be more valuable together than apart?
Challenges: What caused the deal to be called off? What were the obstacles?
Evaluation: Was this proposed acquisition wise? Was the offer price reasonable? Why or why not?
Ethics: Were there any moral or ethical issues involved in this potential transaction that should be considered? Cite at least one Bible verse that applies and might help guide company decision makers.
Your paper should be two to three pages in length (not including cover, reference, and any appendix pages) and include at least three reputable sources that are properly cited. Your paper is due by the end of the workshop.
Your paper should be professionally written and follow full APA format, with all appropriate citations, references, and formatting.For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Guide.
When you’ve completed your paper, save a copy for yourself, and submit by the end of the workshop. (Turnitin will be enabled.
Requirements: 2 hours

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